[West] Pleasants Peak

Location - Within the greater Los Angeles basin, 25 miles southeast of downtown LA, Pleasants Peak overlooks all of Orange County, and the metropolitan portions of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.   This shared communications facility is situated on 157 private acres within the Cleveland National Forest, midway on the ridgeline, which extends from Sierra Peak to Santiago Peak.   Since Pleasants Peak is the only established electronic site on private property in this region, there are no expensive Forest Service fees, or permit delays.   The site is available for all wireless uses, including point-to-point microwave, land mobile repeaters, paging transmitters, LPTV, FM broadcast, MMDS, etc.  This property has been pre-approved by the Orange County Planning Commission for 10 additional 100' towers and two additional buildings.

Low Noise Reception - Special emphasis has been placed upon maintaining a low “noise floor” at the site, to allow for reception of weak signals (such as handhelds) from throughout the Los Angeles basin.   All transmitters at the site are periodically monitored for spurious signals, to insure compliance.   If you are looking for a well situated quite site, to realize the full performance from you equipment, consider Pleasants Peak.

No Arbitrary Power Limits - If you application requires operating at higher transmitter power limits than allowed by the other facilities located on Forest Service property, we can probably accommodate your needs. Let us know about your requirements and we will design the proper filter system to accommodate your need, while protecting all other users.

Immediate Availability - Space is available immediately, and site rental charges are no more than equivalent facilities in the region. We can accommodate a single repeater, or offer bulk rack space, private rooms, or ground lease, with month-to-month or long-term leases being available.  We will also build-to-suit, to our client's needs, as we did for MediaFLO. 

Stand-By Power - All of our buildings are served by underground Southern California Edison power.  In addition, we provide reliable stand-by power in the form of propane generator backup. We maintain more than 1 week supply of fuel, in case of prolonged power outages or regional emergencies.

Access - The facility is accessable by a generally all-weather dirt road, traversing 5.5 miles from Corona. We also have a large helicopter landing area available.  

                   Building 1                            Building 2                                        Building 3

Latitude:      33 – 47 – 48                      33 - 47 - 52                                        33-47-56.5
Longitude: 117 – 37 – 22                    117 - 37 - 22                                       117-37-24.2
Elevation:  3,885 feet AMSL                3,880 feet AMSL                                 3883 feet AMSL
HAAT:     2,434 feet                             2,429 feet

Address:   11242 Blackstar Cyn Rd        11226 Blackstar Cyn Rd                     11226 Blackstar Cyn Rd
City:          near Corona                          Rooms D, E & F                                  Rooms A , B & C
County:      Orange
Tower:       55’ self supporting                 75" self supporting                               100’ self supporting

Space:       Shared facility                       Three  8' X 12' Private Rooms              

SCE Power: 120/240  200 amps               120/240  200 amps per room             120/240  200 amp 3 Ph
Phone:       Telephone & IP data services available via digital microwave.                                       
                 Internet service also available for SCADA, monitor & control.

Airport:     Corona Municipal Airport, Corona, Ca., 6.5 miles north

Location:    NE , Section 29, T.4 S, R. 7 W, SBB&M  (157 acres)

APN:          105 - 040 - 55  Orange County, CA

Contact:      Pleasants Peak Facility Corp.
                  Fred Daniel (949) 640-8899 or Terri Buchmiller, (949) 212-1021
                  Post Office Box 9227, Newport Beach, CA 92658

Availability:     Immediate        

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